Flexineb® E3 Controller

Flexineb® E3 Controller


Flexineb E3 is a new and improved version of Flexineb. Features include Red LED indicator that your battery is low. Longer battery life between charges (typically 6 hours). Automatic tuning for all medication cup types.

We have made some significant changes in both features and design to Flexineb E3 wihich enhance your user experience even further. 

3 Separate User Programs - Allowing acceleration of performance 

6+ Hours of Battery Life - even more portable!

End of treatment Detection - Protecting your medication cup by switching off when it is dry

35 Minute Turn off Function -  allowing delivery of 30mls if required

Software Upgrade Ability - If we make any updates no matter where you are in the world!! 

Improved Performance via new Software Algorithm - Longer battery life & overall enhanced experience! 

Flexineb® Mobile App:
Access more information about the Flexineb® product line on the all-new Mobile App! The app offers a wide array of helpful resources, such as detailed medication information, troubleshooting tips, product design, distributor/manufacturer contacts and much more. Now available on iOS and Android:

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