Flexineb® Straps - Adult Headstrap

Flexineb® Straps - Adult Headstrap

SKU: RP-08-Adult

The straps attached to the lugs of the Mask. The short strap is attached on the pocket side of the mask. The long strap is attached to the opposite side. Adjust the buckle to create a good seal between the mask and horses head. 

We also offer a controller safety strap to prevent your controller from slipping out of it's pocket if your horse moves during treatment & also an Aerosol Holding Chamber strap - which wraps the full way around your mask and aerosol chamber, ensuring it stays safely in place!

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Access more information about the Flexineb® product line on the all-new Mobile App! The app offers a wide array of helpful resources, such as detailed medication information, troubleshooting tips, product design, distributor/manufacturer contacts and much more. Now available on iOS and Android:

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