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Introduction | Flexineb® C2

Introduction to the Flexineb® C2.

Introduction | Flexineb® E3

Introduction to the Flexineb® E3.

What's in the box? | Flexineb® E3

Whats in the box when you receive your complete system.

Starting Treatment | Flexineb® E3

How to begin treating your horse with the Flexineb® E3.

Medication Cup Cleaning

Cleaning the medication cup to extend it's lifecycle.

Mask Cleaning

Cleaning the Mask to ensure its clean and ready for use.

How to use Aerosol Holding Chamber

How to remove and re-fit your aerosol holding chamber for the Flexineb® E3.

Measuring your Horse

How to measure your horse for selecting the correct size Flexineb® E3.

Cleaning & Maintenance | Flexineb® E3

Keeping your mask clean and ready for nebulisation.

Updating your device | Flexineb® E3

Updating the firmware on the Flexineb® E3.

Assembly & Setup | Flexineb® E3

Assembling and setting up your Flexineb® E3.