Flexineb® Equine Controller


What do the three numbers on the left represent?

Flexineb® E3 has three power levels, 1, 2 and 3. The default is power level 1.

To change the power level at start-up, press the ON black button when the LED is flashing to change to level 2 or 3. Once the LED stops flashing the power level is set and cannot be changed unless you power off and turn on again.

How do I decide what Power Level to use?

Refer to our Medication Cup and Power Levels Guide for recommendations on choosing the correct medication cup and power level.

The controller power LED flashes, nebulisation stops but the medication cup still has solution in it, what’s wrong?

Flexineb® E3 controller has a dry cup indicator function, meaning when the medication cup runs dry the controller will recognise this and turn off power to the cup. In some cases this can occur before the cup runs dry and a false trigger / flashing LED occurs. To fix this problem please update the software on your E3 controller. Firmware updates can be found on our website here.

My controller doesn’t seem to be working right, what do I do?

Please refer to the Controller Function section of the User Manual for an explanation of the LEDs and functions. If the lights you are experiencing are not outlined here, please contact your place of sale for advice or alternatively contact us directly on technicalsupport@nortev.com

I haven’t used my Flexineb® E3 in a long time, and now it won’t work. What can I do?

Re-charge the battery which will take a few hours if completely discharged, if you have the E3 version the right-side LEDs should scroll during charging. When fully charged the top right LED will stay on constant.

If you have an E2 version refer to the Flexineb® E2 User Manual for charging light details.

If there is no response from the charging LEDs when you plug in the charger then remove the battery door and disconnect the battery for two minutes and plug it back in again in case a reset is necessary.

Clean out the medication cup per the instructions in the User Manual.

Inspect the medication cup for any signs of corrosion or damage to the mesh inside the cup, use the light from your phone to inspect, shine it from the underside and look for cracks or large pin holes which indicates the cup needs replacement. If all looks ok, try nebulising normal saline solution.

If after these checks, there is still no life from your Flexineb® contact your local distributor for customer service advice and they will advise you on servicing options.

Why will the controller not charge?

The charger, battery or controller unit may be faulty. Refer to the user Manual first to check if the charging lights are acting normally, if nothing obvious is wrong then contact you customer service provider or email technicalsupport@nortev.com for assistance.

What operating time will I get from a fully charged battery?

Operating time from a new fully charged battery is approximately 6 hours

Can I buy a spare battery for my controller in case I ever found myself with a problem?

Yes, you can purchase Flexineb® spare parts from your local Distribution Partner.

I can’t find the answer to my question?

Please check out the other sections in our FAQs or contact your local distributor. Alternatively email us at technicalsupport@nortev.com with any technical questions and we will help you.