Flexineb® Equine Mask


What size Flexineb® should I buy?

We offer three sizes, Foal, Adult and Adult XL. Refer to our Size Guide to select the correct size Flexineb® for your horse.

Why does the clear aerosol chamber not empty when my horse inhales?

You should see the chamber emptying of aerosol each time your horse inhales. If this is not happening it means, there are air leaks in the system. Check if you can push the mask up further and adjust the strap so the mask creates a good seal around the horse’s muzzle.

Check the vents in the bottom of the mask is closed by rotating the exit valve housing.

Some horses’ shallow breath when standing still, bring your horse for a walk to encourage deeper breathing and see if that helps.

If you suspect there are gaps and air leaks around the mask seal, try squeezing the mask onto the horse’s face and see if that makes a difference. If it solves the problem, you probably need our Mask Adaptor Kit which fits over the mask and creates a better seal on horses who are in between sizes.

How do I get the Inlet Valve Cap off without breaking it?

To remove or fit the Inlet Valve Cap, heat it in warm tap water first to soften the plastic cap. This makes a big difference.

The Exit Valve falls out, what can I do?

Check the Exit Valve is inserted the correct way around, the rubber valve should face outwards so it can open when the horse exhales. The handgrip should also be outside the mask.

If the exit valve was forced in the wrong way around it can create a loose fit in the mask and cause it to fall out. Check our User Manual and Video Instructions to see the correct orientation of the Exit Valve Housing.

If you think the mask or exit valve is damaged contact your local distributor to order spare parts.

I can’t find the answer to my question?

Please check out the other sections in our FAQs or contact your local distributor. Alternatively email us at technicalsupport@nortev.com with any technical questions and we will help you.