Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer vs. Human Nebulizers & Horse Masks


In recent times there has been a trend of companies attaching human nebulizers to equine nebulizer masks, and masquerading as the latest equine nebulizer technology that has taken “several years to develop.” In reality, the human nebulizers are off the shelf, low-value and not fit for purpose in the Equine industry.

Nortev has closely analyzed these products, and compared their features and technologies to the Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer. Our findings are listed below, and available via the following PDF downloads:



Speed of Treatment

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Average of 1 minute to nebulize 1cc of 0.9% Saline solution.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Average of almost 4 minutes to nebulise 1cc of 0.9% Saline solution.
  • What does it mean?: To nebulise 15cc of solution with Flexineb® would take 15 minutes, the same amount with an integrated human nebulizer, on average, would take up to 1hr
  • Benefits: How valuable is your time? If you were to nebulise 1 horse, 15cc of solution once a day over the period of a year with Flexineb®, you would save the equivalent of 274 hours (11 whole days) of nebulizing compared to using an integrated human nebuliser doing the same protocol. That’s a lot of your time wasted. Time = $$$$.

Medication Cup Usage

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: An average of 150 days usage or 75 days if used 2 times/day with 10cc of Solution per day.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Must be changed after 45 days usage or 22.5 days if used 2 times/day with 6cc of solution per day.
  • What does it mean?: Almost 3.5 times more usage from a Flexineb® medication cup compared to an integrated human nebulizer med cup.
  • Benefits: Huge Cost savings, almost 4 x Integrated Human Medication cups need to get the same usage as 1 x Flexineb® Cup.

Available Applications for Use

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Flexineb® can nebulize a very broad range of medications and natural therapies using its unique medication cup design.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Can only nebulise a very limited range of medications.
  • What does it mean?: Flexineb® offers the most complete solution to the end user with regard capability to deliver a broad range of medications and natural therapies with acceptable delivery times.
  • Benefits: With Flexineb® you can be assured of looking after your horses respiratory health no matter what the problem or diagnosis.

Medication Cup Volume

    • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Standard is 10cc but can be extended to 30cc.
    • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: 6cc.
    • What does it mean?: In Equines, dosages of drugs for treatment and natural solutions for airway maintenance is much higher than that of humans, in some cases in excess of 20cc of solution.
    • Benefits: With Flexineb® if large volumes of drugs or solutions are required to be nebulized all of the solution can be nebulized uninterrupted whereas with a small volume nebulizer will require several refills which interrupts and slows down the nebulization process.

Residual Volume (Incorrectly referred to as "Distribution")

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: 99% Zero Residual Volume.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: 98% Zero Residual Volume.
  • What does it mean?: Residual volume is where a quantity solution will remain when the nebulizer medication cup "Runs" Dry, thus if you do not have a high% Zero Residual Volume some of the drug will remain in the nebulizer medication cup un-nebulized.
  • Benefits: Efficiency. Because Flexineb® has a zero-residual volume, you turn 100% of the solution that you are nebulizing into aerosol that can be then inhaled by you horse, thus increasing the efficiency of treatment. Compressor nebulizers can have up to 2cc of solution remaining in the medication cup.


  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Average 70% of particles produced are 5 microns in diameter or less.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Average 54% of particles produced are 5 microns in diameter or less.
  • What does it mean?: The particle size in which a nebulizer creates is very important to reach the lower airways, any particle with a diameter of 5 microns or less will reach the lower airway. Larger particles will stay in the upper airways.
  • Benefits: The more particles a nebulizer creates that are 5 microns or less are more efficient in terms of getting drugs/solutions into the lower airway leading to a higher chance of recovery.

Battery Life Before Recharging is Required and Charge Time

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: 4 Hours battery life with 3 hours charge time.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: 1.5 hours battery life with 4-6 hours charge time.
  • What does it mean?: Longer battery life.
  • Benefits: The longer the battery life and shorter charge time leads to less chance of interruption to treatment and increased convenience.

Can be Used on Main Power Supply

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Yes.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Not all can be used whilst mains power supply is plugged in.
  • What does it mean?: If by chance you run out of battery power Flexineb® can still be used on mains power supply to nebulize.
  • Benefits: Extra convenience and prevents treatment interruption if the battery is dead.


  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Yes. The Flexineb® is patented.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: No. Integrated human nebulizers are not patented.
  • What does it mean?: Flexineb® is the only Equine Nebulizer with International patents granted.
  • Benefits: Flexineb® is the only Equine Nebulizer with International patents granted.

Registered for Veterinary Use

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Yes.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: No. Registered for human use only.
  • What does it mean?: Flexineb® is registered for veterinary use in multiple continents and went through all the official governmental processes to do so.
  • Benefits: Flexineb® is both CE Marked and FDA Review for veterinary use. Potential legal issues for use outside of product registration such as out of warranty use.

Integrated Valve Mask System

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Yes.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: No.
  • What does it mean?: Flexineb® has an enclosed valve mask system that contains all the aerosol being produced until it is inhaled.
  • Benefits: Cheap Equine nebulizer masks have a non-valve open mask system. This means that aerosol is constantly blown onto the face of the patient, which then condenses and is not inhaled.  Also, on exhaling all the aerosol in the mask will not be inhaled but forced out through the open port. This led to a loss of a lot of aerosol leading to inefficiency and potential secondary inhalation by caregiver. 

Aerosol Holding Chamber

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Yes.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: No.
  • What does it mean?: Clinical studies show that an aerosol chamber significantly increase the amount of aerosol delivered to the respiratory system.
  • Benefits: Increased Treatment Efficacy, no other equine nebulizer has an aerosol chamber. Contains all aerosol until inhalation leading to minimal wastage. Flexineb®’s medication cup has been redesigned to remove pooling of nebulized solution in the bottom of the AHC that was observed in previous models. 

Research in Equine Specific Studies

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Multiple.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Zero.
  • What does it mean?: The Flexineb® is scientifically backed.
  • Benefits: Flexineb® is the single most researched Equine Nebulizer on the market. Research of Flexineb® has taken place and continually taking place in the most highly rated Universities and clinics across the USA, Europe and Australia. 

Award Winning Innovation

  • Flexineb® Equine Nebulizer: Multiple.
  • Human Nebulizer & Horse Mask: Zero.
  • What does it mean?: Multiple Innovation Award Winning Device.
  • Benefits: Flexineb® has won multiple awards for innovation in several countries in the highest equine industry organization proving that Flexineb® is the market leader among its peers including - 2013 Equitana Gold Seal Innovation Winners, 2012 BETA Highly Commended Winners, 2012 BETA Innovation Runners Up, 2018 Animal Health All-Star – Global Innovation 1st Finalist, 2019 NAMA Regional Merit – Corporate Identity, 2019 NAMA National Merit – Corporate Identity.

In addition to the above list, we've organized the product comparisons into three convenient, downloadable PDF documents: