The Flexineb® Integrated Mask System

A highly functional interface to deliver the nebulized aerosol is essential, to optimize the levels of medicine deposited in the airways of the horse.

Flexineb`s interface is its Mask, which incorporates a number of key features that allow for maximum inhalation by the patient.

The Aerosol Chamber
Clinical Research has shown that the use of an aerosol chamber with a vibrating mesh nebulizer (Flexineb Technology) can result in a 4-fold level of delivery to the lungs, compared to a Jet/Compressor Nebulizer with an open port mask system where aerosol is pumped directly into the mask. This study also showed that a substantial reduction of drug dose is required compared to a Jet/Compressor Nebulizer.

The Aerosol Chamber works by holding the aerosol in a clean environment until the patient is ready to inhale, thus allowing for minimal wastage and improved efficacy.

With a Jet/Compressor Nebulizer, or even other Vibrating Mesh Nebulizers, if you have a direct and open port mask system you will lose large amounts of Aerosol. This is due to impaction on the nostrils, and wastage when the patient exhales through the open port.

This will cause large amounts of the solutions being nebulized not reaching the lungs and airways. Another potential issue is passive inhalation of the aerosol by the caregiver due to large amount of aerosol leaking into the surrounding environment.

The Inlet and Exit Valve
Both the inlet and exit valve are one-way systems, meaning that the patient can only breath through the inlet valve and exhale through the exit valve. This allows for no interference, by external factors, in the aerosol that is produced during the breathing cycle (inhalation and exhalation).

The positioning of the air inlet valve on top of the Aerosol Chamber allows for maximum inhalation of the aerosol being held (within the chamber). The exit valve is located at the bottom of the mask, meaning exhalation comprises predominantly of the exhaled breath (exhaled aerosol from the mask is minimized when the patient exhales).

Nortev LTD redesigned its Medication Cup at the end of 2018, to remove the issue of dripping solution into the Aerosol chamber.