​Flexineb- New Partnership with Cyrine Cherif, creator of ‘The Showjumping Blog’

​Flexineb- New Partnership with Cyrine Cherif, creator of ‘The Showjumping Blog’

We are thrilled to be able to announce our latest team up! Cyrine Cherif, originally from France but now based in Doha, Qatar, where she competes both Nationally & Internationally with her team of horses. Cyrine has worked with multiple other professional riders, Olympic Medallists and this experience has brought her to be based in Qatar, from where she teaches, competes, and shares her years of knowledge in flatwork and jumping exercises to help you prepare for the ring. Her blog ‘The Showjumping Blog’ has amassed a huge following & she provides free tips and training techniques for you to try from home!

Cyrine contacted us, as the move from France to Qatar has been very challenging for her horses respiratory system. Living in such a dry and dusty climate, means it is difficult to manage all of the horses natural environmental ‘triggers’. As a result, one horse in particular has had a mild cough, and with her veterinarian, it was decided that Flexineb would be the best option to help mange her horse.

Funnily enough, Cyrines first experience of Flexineb was on the International circuit in Europe where she had seen horses regularly nebulised to help their respiratory health. So when this horse began coughing after his move to Qatar, she knew Flexineb was the best option for him, and so the partnership came together.

Cyrine will be documenting her experience over on her Instagram & her Blog so why not stop by and see exactly what her experience will be!!