The Global Voices of Flexineb Users: Testimonials from Customers Worldwide

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I used the Flexineb on Portersize Just a Jiff last summer in the run up to The European Eventing Championships. Jiff sometimes gets a dry cough when he travels a lot and the Flexineb is the best device to get rid of the cough.

Camilla Spears International Event Rider

The Flexineb is the best thing I have had as an aid to my horses! It is a crucially important piece of equipment and so easy to use.

Jessica Harrington Leading Irish Dual Racehorse Trainer

I used the Flexineb on Moondice in his preparation for the Galway Hurdle and believe that it was of great benefit to the horse.

Paul Flynn Racehorse Trainer

Kirbybroguelantern has benefited hugely by the Flexineb as it was his first run after a long break.

Tom Hogan Leading Irish Dual Racehorse Trainer

We use the Flexineb on our horses and have had great results with it.

Gordon Elliot Racehorse Trainer

Once in a while you come across a gem of a device, and the Flexineb is certainly the jewel in assisting me with opening the Lungs of my horse The Only One before Cross Country or getting rid of an annoying dust allergy cough in Ravenstar.

Jayne Doherty Irish International Event Rider

We have been using the Flexineb on Sprinter for the past 5 months and have seen huge results in Sprinters performance. It is a great invention and I would recommend it to any-one with horses or ponies with COPD. We wish Nortev the very best in the future.

Louise Moloney Colligan Equestrian Centre

Flexineb is a vital component of the treatment protocol for numerous upper and lower respiratory conditions that we see on a day to day basis.

John Hanly MVB, MRCVS Equine Veterinarian

The Flexineb nebuilser has been the saving grace to getting our 11-year-old Warmblood, Ferrari, back to competing. Initially, Ferrari had a cough only apparent for a brief period during warmups. Over time other symptoms developed and I knew his breathing wasn’t right during exercise. A course of Ventolin and Flixotide inhalers were prescribed which were impossible to administer due to the sound the canister made. I came across the Flexineb nebuliser while investigating options online. The Flexineb allowed me to administer his medications with total ease and now I use the nebulizer with saline as part of his management. The nebuliser is an incredible piece of equipment, my horse accepted the nebuliser from day one and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Dee Tuckerman Horse Owner

Thank you very much everybody at Nortev for this AWESOME product! My 15-year-old QH stallion was diagnosed with COPD about 5 years ago. We ran through everything available on the vet market and clinics at that time, but even after 8 weeks of cortison the results were just not good. Changed barn (again), optimized feeding and shavings and, finally, consulted another vet which was the only one that had the one and only glorious idea: ‘You will get no results without proper inhalation.’ So, I started looking into this subject and ordered the Flexineb system which changed everything. Slowly but surely, my horse started to get better and better. I was walking him with the Flexineb in the beginning, then lunged him with it, and finally rode him easily with it at walk-and-trot. What can I tell you more... my horse is now medication free for almost 4 years and I can almost ride him ‘normal’ (yet I still inhale him on a daily basis when brushing & saddling with 30ml NaCl). My vet was recently watching my horse on the pasture and said, "3 out of 5 vets would have put him down back then." This made me think and reflect quite a lot, and that is why I am so grateful for everybody involved in the recovery process of my horse. Thank you, Nortev, thank you, Vet!

Hannes Hofer Horse Owner

The Flexineb is super easy to use. We are able to use it on all the horses because it’s light, comfortable and quiet. We have seen results in horses that have visible mucus present by helping clear it up. We think it’s a great and convincing product.

Chantal Gillis O’Brien award winner Canadian Caretaker of the Year

With respiratory issues being such a big part of our industry, it’s so great to have a tool like the Flexineb that can help reduce issues and is so easy to use. I’ve had mine 5 or 6 years now.

Ted MacDonnell Standardbred Trainer

We have had great results using the Flexineb. Allergies, bleeding or sickness - it clears it all up! It’s very user friendly and the quiet and lightweight design is extremely favourable to the horses we use it on.

Chantal Mitchell Racehorse Trainer

The most important aspect about Flexineb is the fact that it is self-contained, very easy to use and tolerated brilliantly by horses. Hence you’re unlikely to get treatment failure with such a simple and effective product.

Richard Hepburn Veterinarian, BVSc DipACVIM MS Cert EM(IntMed) MRCVS ACVIM

When our top horse developed a cough before Kilguilkey International Horse Trials, which we think was a reaction to the oil seed rape crop near to our barn, we were keen to try the Flexineb to see if it would help. I was initially concerned whether a fit advanced event horse would object to wearing the nebuliser, but actually he really didn't mind at all, even at the event, and it really is completely silent and very simple to use. We just ran saline through, which really helped to stop him coughing. He obviously felt on top form, as he produced the second fastest cross country round of the day and won the CIC***. Fantastic product!

Alex Phillips Equine Athlete

My mare developed Seasonal RAO last year. After a month of oral drugs which didn't work at all I rented a nebuliser from the vet to try inhaled versions. These worked and after a few days I decided to bite the bullet and buy. I haven't tried any other products as a comparison. I won’t say my mare likes putting it on (we are on our second hay-fever season) but, the minute I can get it over the tip of her nose she pushes her head in and there it stays for the next 10-15 mins. 95% of the time she is happy. But, if she does try to get it off and after the initial panic of seeing bits on the floor (tube, cup or bottom vent) I have managed to get it all back together again with no damage (apart from scrape marks) and this has happened a few times...I am on my second cup and this was after using everyday mainly twice for about 3-4 months (it seemed to start letting a lot of liquid through without steaming it) but this is clearly mentioned when purchasing. I use saline/ventipulmin/steriod. When the summer season started to end I used just saline and would just add the drugs if her Respiratory Rate was up, which is very clear to hear when the nebuliser is on. Cleaning can be a faff but luckily mine are at home so I have a handy kitchen and is just part of the process and quick.

Nicola Horse Owner

I absolutely love my Flexineb machine, for a variety of reasons but the three that stick out to me the most are the following: The Flexineb is the only unit that is battery operated which I have found to be a huge advantage at rodeos where I didn’t bring a generator, or with horses that get nervous and feel more at ease to walk around while they get nebulized. It is also silent, which is perfect for nervous or young horses, or even ones that just haven’t had a treatment before. I feel at ease knowing that my horses are using a Flexineb, which reaches farther down than other machines that I’ve tried in the past! I have personally seen the difference it has made in horses with allergies, and has helped bleeders. The ease of use and peace of mind makes Flexineb one of my favorite items in the barn!

Rachel D'Ellena Barrel Racer

My name is Megan Kepferle, and I am head groom at Sinead Halpin Eventing, specifically in charge of Manoir de Carneville (Tate) owned by Carraig, LLC - recent 2nd place finisher at Burghley Horse Trials. Bernadette Cogdell recently contacted your company about our event horse and his bleeding problems cross country. These problems ultimately resulted in being left off the Olympic squad. You guys helped get us our own Flexineb. We have used this product religiously leading up the biggest four star in the world. I can say, for the first time in two years, and at the BIGGEST, fastest, longest track of his career - Tate did not bleed. I want to thank you so much for this product - I cannot stress how excited we are to have a solution. I believe the Flexineb helped Tate run his best XC run to date, helping him maintain his lead heading into Sunday’s show jumping.

Megan Keferle Head Groom at Sinead Halpin Eventing

Regarding the Flexineb, I have used the adult mask in a few horses with pneumonia and I was impressed with how well it works and how silent it is. The horses tolerate it very well and it is much faster than what I had used before.

Steeve Giguere DVM, PhD, VACVIM (RIP 2018) Professor and Hodgson Research Chair in Equine Studies, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia

I have been nebulizing horses since the late 1970s but until now I have never been completely happy with the nebulizing equipment available. There have been improvements in recent years but now Nortev has finally developed the ultimate Nebulizer with the Flexineb. To me a product has to satisfy three requirements. They must be affordable, user friendly and most of all work. Flexineb does it all. I have used it on race horses, mares, yearlings and recently a foal with the new foal mask. It is simple to use and the horses relax and seem to enjoy treatment since there is no noise, excessive mist or cumbersome hoses and cords. We now treat all of our racehorses routinely and pre race with silver solution to keep their airways healthy and aid in the control of EIPH and infections and I can’t remember the last to bleed in a race or work. In today’s world where we are constantly looking for more cost effective drug free approaches to treating horses with respiratory issues the Flexineb is invaluable. Anybody with an equine athlete, sale horse or youngster should have one in their tack room. As a veterinarian who both treats and owns TB racehorses and breeding stock I can recommend the Flexineb without reservation.

D.M. Cavey DVM Equine Veterinarian

The best nebulizer, hands down. We originally were going to purchase the standard 350 dollar one with all the wires and hoses. The owner decided to go ahead and trust the people at big ds and Im very happy he did. Ive used both, this one is fantastic. Horses never mind the way this mask fits, its not cumbersome, and you can see it working. Best investment you can make!

Katherine Sancuk Racehorse Trainer

I LOVE my new Flexineb. When you said it was quiet, I had no idea it was so quiet you can hardly hear it. I bought it for my horse, SHEZABEE, who is one of the spookiest horses I know. All the other products out there scared her during the entire treatment. Now she never moves a muscle when using the Flexineb since it is so quiet. This machine is by far the best on out there. It is definitely worth the money. I had to use mine as soon as it arrived! Thank you for making a great product.

Lacey G. Horse Owner

At first I was skeptical about inhalation, because I thought it would be very time consuming, due to the fact that my mare can’t stand still and I would have to hold her. That’s why I knew I would have to use a mobile inhalator without any tubes – that’s how I found the Flexineb, and I have to say I’m impressed. My mare stands still without any problem, even if I leave her alone for a moment. I can also cleanse her during inhalation because she is so relaxed (sometimes she would fall asleep). Inhalation whilst lunging is my special trick to make her breathe deeper, so that the inhalant can reach even the deepest and smallest alveoles of the lungs. My mare suffered from nervous cough due to an allergy, but since we started to inhale, the coughing decreased significantly. I’m more than pleased with the Flexineb and I don’t want to miss it ever again. The customer service is very kind and accommodating.

Nikita Bertram Horse Owner

As a professional physiotherapist for horses for more than 15 years, I experience daily, that horses suffer more and more frequently from chronic respiratory disorders. Initially many of those horses don’t cough at all or just a little, but carry already solid mucus/phlegm deep in their lungs. In my opinion, next to enhancing the species-appropriate conditions, inhaling is the best therapy. Until a few years ago all inhalation devices came with a long flexible tube, which was a cause of stress for many horses. Thanks to Flexineb, even customers with fearful/nervous horses have no difficulty of letting their animals inhale. Due to the fact that with the Flexineb the horse’s medication reaches he lungs directly, the dose can be reduced considerably and detoxification organs such as the liver and kidneys are less affected, which is a great advantage in my opinion. The Flexineb device fits into a small lightweight suitcase, so it’s easy to handle and to clean at home. Altogether I gladly recommend Flexineb to my customers.

Katrin Obst Professional Equine Physiotherapist

Rashida (10) is an Arabian, bought for endurance rides. She has been coughing since she was three years old. It's an allergic cough from rapeseed and tree pollen. We tried a lot of medicine, but nothing helped. Since 2015 we have been using Flexineb, after a friend told us about it. For us it was crucial that the Flexineb has no hose and works with a battery. During spring and summer we are using the Flexineb almost daily, sometimes twice daily, with 10-30mL NaCl, including some days with bronchial-dilating medicine. The Flexineb helps so much we can continue endurance riding up to 64 km in top condition, with our plan to increase to 100 km.

Elke Brüning Horse Owner

My horse is a 12-year-old Oldenburg mare, which is mainly used in show jumping classes up to 140. She has been allergic to dust for many years, but without problems. About 2 years ago she had a performance drop, so we decided to use the Flexineb inhaler. After using cortisone once, it is enough to inhale with sodium chloride solution and we are 95% free of complaints. For me there was no better decision to invest in this inhaler, as it is practically packaged in a suitcase, no cable or long tube impaired the function and the noise level makes wearing very comfortable. My horse had no problems with the inhaler from the beginning!

Vanessa Fischer Horse Owner

Here at our Equine Clinic Leichlingen, the Flexineb is being used successfully on foals and on grown up horses for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Handling the device and medicating is easy, as well as the cleaning and disinfecting process. What is also very captivating is the robust corpus of the inhalation mask, because it won’t break even when being used with an uncooperative patient.

Martin Thunig Director of Internal Medicine at Equine clinic Leichlingen

My horse suffers from a sensitivity to dust and therefore always develops new mucus that makes it difficult to breathe. Without the Flexineb, I probably would have had to retire my mare. We inhale everyday before exercise, where I often find mucous pulled by the inhaler. When we first start exercise and my horse coughs, we use it also. When coughing is at its worst we can count on the Flexineb and medication. I would recommend the Flexineb to anybody who has not yet used one.

Vanessa Penno Equine Athlete

MIt was approximately one year ago when I found out that my mare (5 years old at that time) suffers very much from allergies. She was lazy from the day I bought her but we found out that the reason was that she could hardly breathe. After the diagnosis I bought my Flexineb. We use it every day. She usually inhales while I clean her, sometimes even while lunging. The Flexineb is great because it is wireless. During the last year my mare has become very fit and I compete with her at competitions, which I never would have believed one year ago. She is a completely different horse now. She finally can breathe. The Flexineb was the best decision for me and my mare.

Sabrina Gaulke Equine Athlete

When we got to a large international competition, having been traveling a lot on the continent and competition circuit, I found Castallo Z had a dry cough from all the environmental and temperature changes he was being put through. The travel by road and air can take its toll on the respiratory system. Two treatments with Flexineb and he was himself again. We went on to win the jump off in Grand Prix for the Italian Team and he has been in great form since. As he is a stallion, he does a lot of calling to the mares in the stables also. Using Flexineb with just saline has helped him with his sore throat and keeps his lungs in perfect condition. He is an elite athlete after all! We would not be without our Flexineb E2, it is an essential part of our equipment which we bring all over the world.

Piergiorgio Bucci Top 100 FEI National Showjumper