Global Voices of Flexineb®

CamillaCamilla Spears
ThunigDr. Martin Thunig
HarringtonJessica Harrington
HepburnRichard Hepburn
BucciPiergiorgio Bucci
ObstKatrin Obst

VardSean Vard
BertramBertram Allen
HarryHarry Allen
CianCian O'Connor
KennyDarragh Kenny
Team FuchsTeam Fuchs

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Sean Vard

Team Fuchs & Head Show Groom

"We at Team Martin Fuchs have been using Flexineb® products for a number of years and feel they help enormously in our sports results and general well-being of our horses. With long hours spent travelling to shows by road, sea & air and constantly changing stable environments the Flexineb® nebuliser gives the horses that extra help to ensure their airways are as clear and healthy as possible- when needed most and we are confident it makes a difference in those milliseconds between winning and losing ! Thank you @flexineb for your trust and ongoing support of Team Fuchs."

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Bertram Allen

Irish Olympic Showjumper

"We have been using Flexineb as a part of our care routine for our horses for several years now. Ensuring their respiratory health is taken care of is as important as making sure their feet are in good order and well prepared. We are happy to be a part of Team Flexineb and know by using the nebuliser, we are ensuring our horses respiratory health is in the best condition it can be all year round, at home, when we are flying to competitions and in a lot of different climates."

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Camilla Spears

Irish International Event Rider

"I used the Flexineb® on Portersize Just a Jiff last summer in the run up to the European Eventing Championships. Jiff sometimes gets a dry cough when he travels a lot and the Flexineb® is the best device to get rid of the cough."

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Dr. Martin Thunig

Director of Internal Medicine at Equine Clinic Leichlingen, Germany

"Here at our Equine Clinic Leichligen, the Flexineb® is being used successfully on foals and on grown up horses for the treatment of respiratory diseases. Handling the device and medicating is easy, as well as the cleaning and disinfecting process. What is also very captivating is the robust corpus of the inhalation mask, because it won't break even when being used wth an uncooperative patient."

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Jessica Harrington

Irish Racheorse Trainer

"The Flexineb® is the best thing I have had as an aid to my horses! It is a crucially important piece of equipment and so easy to use."

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Chantall Mitchell

Racehorse Trainer, Canada

"We have had great results using the Flexineb®. Alergies, bleeding or sickness - it clears it all up! It's very user friendly and the quiet and lightweight ddesign is extremely favourable to the horses we use it on."

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Richard Hepburn


"The most important aspect about Flexineb® is the fact that it is a self-contained, very easy to use and tolerated brilliantly by horses. Hence you're unlikely to get treatment failure with such a simple and effective product."

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Piergiorgio Bucci

Top 100 FEI National Showjumper, Italy

"When we got to a large national competition, having been traveling a lot on the continent and competition circuit, I found Castallo Z had a dry cough from all the environmental and temperature changes he was being put through. The travel by road and air can take its toll on the resiratory system. Two treatments with Flexineb® and he was himself again. We went on to win the jump off in Grand Prix for the Italian Team and he has been in great form since. As he is a stallion he does a lot of calling to the mares in the stables also. Using Flexineb® with just saline has helped him with his sore throat and keeps his lungs in perfect condition. He is an elite athlete after all! We would not be without our Flexineb® E2, it is an essential part of out equipment which we bring all over the world."

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Katrin Obst

Proffessional Equine Pysiotherapist, Germany

"As a professional physiotherapist for horses for more than 15 years, experience daily, that horses suffer more and more frequently from chronic respiratory disorders. Initially many of those horses don't cough at all or just a little, but carry already solid mucus/phlegm deep in their lungs. In my opinion, next to enhancing the species-appropriate conditions, inhaling is the best therapy. Until a few years ago all inhalation devices came with a long flexible tube, which was a cause of stress for many horses. Thanks to Flexineb®, even customers with fearful/nervous horses have no difficulty of letting their animals inhale. Due to the fact that with the Flexineb® the horse's medication reaches he lungs directly, the dose can be reduced considerably and detoxification organs such as the liver and kidneys are less affected, which is a great advantage in my opinion. The Flexineb device fits into a small lightweight suitcase, so it's easy to handle and to clean at home. Altogether I gladly recommend Flexineb® to my customers."