About Nebulisation

About Nebulisation

What is Nebulisation?

Nebulisation is a respiratory management technique in which tiny spherical droplets of aerosolised medication are generated and inhaled by the patient.

Why use a Nebuliser?

A nebuliser device enables the horse owner to easily administer care to their horses airways and lungs. The device incorporates a mask that fits on the nose and a technological means of generating a fine mist. Old style technologies are based on a compressor which plug into the mains supply. Newer technologies are ultrasonic devices, while the most up-to-date devices (e.g. Flexineb® E3) incorporate a vibrating piezo component. Each of these technologies can generate the fine mist which ensures the mist goes directly into the airways and ultimately the lungs.

Nebulisation with Flexineb® E3?

Nortev's Flexineb® E3 Equine Nebuliser is unique in that it can be supplied with different types of medication (med) cups depending on the application and drug or liquid nebulised. Some medications or solutions such as Antibiotics and essential oils are alot thicker (more viscous) than other liquids. These liquids can alter the speed of nebulisation considerably; however Flexineb® E3 can counter this problem by using different speed med cups.

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